Show and Tell Competition

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Show and Tell Competition : Show and Tell Competition was organised by Bhavkunj School on 21st July 2018 at MM Patel Memorial Hall. It was an Inter-house competition in which students from Grade I to III took part. Students participated in the competition in THREE groups: Grade I, II and III. There was 100% participation of students from each class as the competition had a pyramid structure. The Class-wise Competition Selection was held on 13th July, leading onto the Final Round on 23rd July 2018.The students selected in class-wise round went for the semi-final round. The top four best performances (House wise) were selected to compete in the Final round. In this competition every student came with an object which was described innovatively and creatively. They even managed to include a social message in the descriptions. They spoke about the Natural vegetation, their favourite toys like a Teddy Bear, Aeroplane, Car etc to name a few. Students were very excited and participated whole-heartedly in this competition.Show and Tell Competition helped the students to gain confidence and improve their vocabulary and skills of public speaking. Everybody present in the audience was impressed and appreciated their efforts. It was overall a great experience and a memorable event.