• Bhavkunj CBSE English Medium School places a strong emphasis on the academics passionate pursuit of excellence through
    intellectual engagement and the development of mind, body, and spirit. Through each of our
    core disciplines — English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Languages, Technology,
    Psychology and the Arts — BKS students challenge their personal resilience and
    resourcefulness, integrity and curiosity, perseverance and self-knowledge.
  • Most of all, we aim to instill in our students a lifelong love for learning and confidence in
    their own capabilities. A strong foundation in humanities enriches all aspects of our
    students’ education, and serves as a catalyst for intellectual growth. Critical thinking and
    reading and writing skills promote their understanding of themselves and others. The
    interdisciplinary study of STEAM gives students the opportunity to observe, question,
    explore, analyze, develop and design – empowering them to propose solutions to problems
    and ask questions that have never been asked before. Our focus on sound reasoning,
    collaboration and creative problem-solving result in our students’ knowing that they have the
    tools to conquer whatever challenges come their way.
  • In all academic divisions, we emphasize public speaking skills through both effective
    speaking and listening to captivate and communicate, and promote the exploration of global
    citizenship to explore global perspectives and develop our students into well-informed,
    open-minded and compassionate global citizens.
  • Through close-knit faculty-student relationships, diverse teaching strategies and
    extracurricular activities, BKS students are challenged daily to discover and develop
    intellectual passions and maximize their unique individual potential.