At Bhavkunj School we have been trying to bring reformation at many levels.


On the social front my team has been training all the stake holders internalize and follow systems and practices that can actually bring reformation around their niche environment. This year we could see lesser number of students absenting without permission and prior sanctions. We have made interaction a very important step towards this. Our Parent teachers Collaboration and the workshops for parents do drive a clear message about what we expect from our students.


We want our students to be balanced so that they can take better decisions about their life. Our counseling sessions give our students to open up about their fears and apprehensions. We also go the extra mile to meet up with the parents and guardians and counsel them in making right choices. On this front we are a long way to go. But the silver lining is that we are approachable to all our stake holders.


Our experiential learning programs are a class in itself where our students get to explore the natural setting around them. By doing so they go to the roots that teach them never to forget the basics.

This year our students had the experience to explore the aquatic life and forests. During these experiential learning programs we expect our students to learn how to live on their own and manage themselves with minimum comforts but maximum learning for life. Our Students love to interact with nature now. It took months to inculcate this.


Our team of dedicated staff leaves no stone unturned to remove the fear of exams. The periodic and regular evaluation and spot tests have made our students better orators, creators and athletes and of course Bhavkunj Students. We are still a long way to go in this Reformation Journey.

I am happy that we have started towards the Goal….
With this note I welcome 2019-20.

Mr. Aju Thomas – Principal Bhavkunj School