Student Council

  • Students of Bhavkunj School learn that true leadership is found in those whose convictions
    are rooted in commitment, personal responsibility, kindness and justice. Key student
    leadership roles within the student committee are substantial and require a high level of
    responsibility and indicate the importance of student voice in school management and
  • Chaired by the head boy and head girl of the school, The Student Council (entirely made up
    of students) foster active, democratic, student leadership and engagement. Their primary
    roles are to develop student voice within the school, and to work out how to inspire, engage
    and involve the whole student body in embracing the BKS mission and vision.
  • The size and structure of the Student Council and the activities undertaken are as follows:
    • The Student Council works in tandem with the Vision and Mission of Bhavkuj School
      and The Sarva Vidhyalaya Kelavani Mandal.
    • The Student Committee also works as a bridge between the existing committees that
      are in place.
    • The Student committee is made up entirely students who have been democratically
      elected to adorn the role of an Idol for his/her peers in terms of discipline and
    • The sort of tasks undertaken by a The Student Council Committee and through it, by the
      wider student body within a BKS school often include:

      • Presenting or explaining idol student’s life to the student body (often through assembly
        presentations and discussions);
      • Carrying out surveys and polls to establish how the student body would like to go about
        implementing the School’s mission and vision;
      • Generating and proposing to fellow students ideas for whole-school engagement
        themed including:
      •  Planning and managing a programme of activities for themed days, often linked to
        organizing school service initiatives,making and implementing recommendations to
        improve environmental stewardship within the school;
      • Seeking out community service opportunities in the local community and involving
        themselves and their peers;
      • Enabling and facilitating student voice with initiatives such as suggestion boxes,
        student newspapers and open blackboard or noticeboard forums;
      • Organizing mentoring and orientation programmes within the school;
      • Participating in recruitment and interview processes for the appointment of teaching faculty;
      • Communicating with parents both individually and as a parent body about what it
        means to be a BKS student.
      • Operating, participating in, and/ or chairing a student disciplinary committee;
      • Conducting IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) representing the school on the
        IQAC grounds of the School results, environment, performances, activities,
        achievements, and needs of demands and improvements.