Learning Support

  • We are proud of our excellent reputation for providing specialist support for pupils with specific learning difficulties.
  • Our School provides support for children who are able to access the curriculum but need additional help to overcome various barriers to learning that may prevent them from achieving their full potential.
  • We provide different levels of support, including one-to-one specialist teaching with RCI qualified staff, differentiated classroom environments, and targeted teaching methods. Through this support we aim to boost self-esteem and meet the individual needs of our children supporting their full access to mainstream curriculum.
  • Our specialist one-to-one teacher works closely with teaching staff to ensure that the needs of our children are effectively met in all aspects of school life.
  • We carefully consider the profiles of prospective pupils in order to gauge our ability to make
    the reasonable adjustments required to meet their individual needs.
  • During the CBSE inspection, the visiting inspectors observed the overall calmness and
    supportive manner of the staff, clear organization, an enjoyment of teaching and learning
    which had positive implications for achievement, multi-sensory activities and the occasional
    ‘WOW’ factor…………The school is very well managed with the Learning Support Centre at
    the heart of the organization. Staff and pupils are very proud of their school and are extremely
    happy here. Parents are incredibly positive with the provision and feel that their children have
    made progress and are more confident.
  • Sunday remedial classes are held in school for students to build up their skills in Math,
    Reading, or English. These classes are to support students who need extra tutoring.
  • Student Exchange Program for global participation is sponsored by the school. Students are
    given an opportunity to visit other reputed schools in other countries of the World. To start off
    our team of Teachers and Students have visited Schools in The U.K and Finland. This
    provides the students with an opportunity to study in a different country and environment
    experiencing the history and culture of another country, as well as meeting new friends to
    enrich their personal development. Having an experience like this during one’s formative
    years is something that will add a further layer of confidence.